Iron Ochr is a deadly bacteria silently seeping into your customers’ basements. It’s deadly for the poor residential waterproofing companies that can’t fix it, and therefore spend twice as much money servicing the problem, only to find that it will cost them 2 – 3 times as much as what the installation was sold for! Basement Waterproofing Specialists has been selected as the Number 1, Nation-wide waterproofing contractor to spearhead the research and development program, testing, and implementing this unique product: The BORESAVER ULTRA C PRO is designed to dissolve the iron ochre and iron oxide lurking in your customers’ basement. This product is so safe to use that it can even be introduced directly into the water supply and is used by the water treatment industry Iron Ochre is sometimes called iron bacteria, iron algae, red goo, or simply slimy, smelly stuff, that is stinking up your basement. Iron bacteria are microorganisms that use iron ochre as a source of energy – much the same way that dangerous mold uses moisture as a source of energy. This bacteria attaches itself to the home’s water pump, hot water heater, or other water source. They feed off of the nutrients that flow through the main water source of the family’s home. Iron bacteria now attach themselves to the other bacteria present, producing a mass, jelly-like substance. These solidify and can often resemble a red clay. This clay can destroy a water pump. Plus, as these bacteria decay, they become toxic and flow into the home’s water system, which can cause illness. Servicing this problem is expensive. Rather than waste time on endless service calls, use BoreSaver Ultra C Pro and protect your waterproofing business, and your clients’ health Read more