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Threshold Drain



Threshold drains are designed to provide a completely flat drainage system near doors that divide outdoor and indoor living areas.
They will often have weep holes that allow water from the door tracks and sub-sill to drain into the drain.




French Drains



French Drains are used to keep ground and surface water from getting into basements and home foundations. Their primary function is to move water away from the home or building so that water will not damage the foundation.


They can also be sued to distribute water to a septic tank or behind retaining walls to keep the ground from becoming overwhelmed with water, swelling, and putting pressure on the wall.




Surface Drains


surface-drainSurface drains are used to get excess water from rain, snow or irrigation out of your yard and away from your home.


By draining the excess water, the soil around the home will exert less pressure on the walls of the foundation or basement.


Placement of these drains is critical.



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